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In choosing a Bengal Cat for your home, take your time in selecting the right one.

(1) Don't be afraid to ask questions no matter how insignificant they may be. Conscientious Bengal breeders will be more than happy to spend the time to address all of your questions .

(2) Aways look for a friendly, out-going kitten. Bear in mind, these are kittens we are talking about. Often they will not want to sit calmly but will be constantly moving around. Be patient and watch how they move and interact with you, the breeders and the other kittens.

(3) Ask to see the parents if that's possible. If you are selecting a cat via the internet or by telephone, you'll have to rely on the honesty and integrity of the breeder, and on other means of communication (such as the world-wide-web, and pictures or "jpegs"). Just remember, that pictures do not always reflect the nature and true beauty of the cat you may be considering.

(4) Concerning cost, there are major differences or degrees of quality, such as pet quality, breeder quality, and show quality. As an example, a top-of-the line breeder/show quality cat can be as high as $3500.00. A good pet quality kitten can usually be purchased from between $900.00 - $1000.00, to as high as $1500.00 (depending on quality). However, don't expect the serious and conscientious breeder to apologize for the cost. After all, they have spent years and thousands of dollars investing, to produce these beautiful animals (developing their special "bloodlines"). Remember, you do get what you pay for. Just be aware that there are many backyard breeders out there, selling cats on "the cheap" (If the price sounds to good to be true, it probably is). So, be careful. If you have questions or concerns, pickup the telephone. If you feel that your questions are not being answered or that you are getting the "run-around," politely hang up the phone and call someone else. You'll be able to tell, soon enough, who is an honest and a loving breeder of these cats.

(5) Always ask the breeder about the cat's overall physical condition, making sure to ask for a health certificate and a health warranty, in writing. If they do not have this, you should find a cattery that does.

In closing, remember that reputable and honest breeders will answer your questions objectively and truthfully, and will always supply, in written form, a "statement" of health in their purchase agreements or contracts. So, enjoy your little friend, for he will grow quickly, but will give you a life time of love and companionship. (Reference statement for information in this article is listed below) .

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