• Hi Treva, I just wanted to reach out and let you know that Sora is doing amazing! We are both so very happy with him, he is truly a phenomenal cat. Thank you for giving us a healthy baby! We have had zero issues with him and he loves his new home. He adjusted quickly and gets more intelligent by the day, what an incredible breed. Thank you again for our new furry friend, he makes our happy home even happier. Also thank you for interacting with him before we purchased, it has made all the difference. He is sweet, kind and affectionate! People that have met him that do not like cats fall in love with him instantly and start thinking of purchasing one. You are an amazing breeder, I am sure I will be back for more Sunamys and Spencer with love 

    Sunamys & Spencer

  • Dear Treva, It has been 2 months since you shipped our 2 babies to us. I am sending a photo of them for you to see how absolutely gorgeous they are. From the first moment we opened the carrier at the airport, they have been so loving and such wonderful companions. They were so well behaved from the start and listened to us like they understood every word we said. I cannot thank you enough for all the joy they have brought us. It was the best decision I ever made to get 2 at the same time. We enjoy watching them play and they keep each other company when we are away. We are home most of the time with them since we are retired, but they do great when we have to leave for a few hours. I will send more photos as they grow. Many, many thanks. Justine Arizona


  • Dear Treva, I'm dropping you a little note to let you know how much I LOVE my little guy. He is more then what I expected. I couldn't get home fast enough from my workout today to play with him. My days fly by with him being around. He follows me around all over and sleeps by my head at night and under the covers till he gets too warm and then back to where he can touch me and knows that I am there. Treva I love him very much so I want you to keep me in mind for a little girl with this next litter you have. I can't complement you enough on the fine job you have done on your kittens they have the most and the best disposition of any cat that I have ever seen. He is sooo much more affectionate and interactive than the Bengal I used to own. It is like night and day. He's everything to me and more. Thanks ever so much. Louise, Texas


  • Hi Treva---just a note to let you know how utterly fantastic your kitten is and that he came purring out of the crate at the airport and was so self confident. We went straight to school and he played with everybody and let everyone hold him. He had to win over my dog and female kitten and it took a few days for everyone to get used to each other---but now they are fast friends and we've become a clan! He plays with my female, Gracie and they romp all over the house and the cat condo I got for them--- right now they are laying together on the top platform. They also sleep together and love to be on my bed at night.
    When I took him to school and he was an instant "star"---I had floods of students and staff in to see him. My students took many photos of him and even took him back into the studio to do some studio quality photos. I'll send some soon. He was so calm and self assured through all of the attention and handling. He is an absolutely phenomenal cat---I couldn't be happier!
    Take care, Jim, California


  • Hi Treva,
    Leo is such a wonderful cat. We all love him so much. All of the techs and the vet LOVE him and cannot get over how great his personality is. They said they have a customer who has 5 bengals and she cannot pet or hold any of them. they can't do any vet work for her because they are too hard to handle. She has to take them to a big cat vet who has to put them to sleep to do anything to them! My Leo loves cuddling and is always at my side. He sleeps curled up under my arm. I am sending a photo of him looking "cool". Thanks again for placing him with us. He is the best cat I have ever owned!!


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